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Morocco is a young and dynamic country which attracts more and more investments since the privatisation programme which started in 1993 and the liberalisation of its markets.

Foreign investments in Morocco have expanded from the traditional domains of textiles, fishing, and agriculture to those presenting greater added value, such as energy, infrastructure, transport, telecommunications, financial services and others.

The EU is Morocco’s primary trading partner, providing 65% of Morocco’s imports and receiving 70% of Morocco’s exports. France is by far the Kingdom’s number one trading partner (23.5% of overall trade), followed by Spain (12.9%), Italy (5.7%), Germany (4.1%), the United Kingdom (3.7%) and the United States (4.1%).

PwC in Morocco offers a large range of expertise in order to support their clients in the different stages of their development and investments in Morocco.

In PwC in Morocco, we strive to provide quality service to each client as we help develop solutions to their individual challenges. For your investment projects in Morocco, our team in PwC in Morocco can offer you a large range of services along with the necessary cultural insight and a complete understanding of the regulatory aspects.

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Réda Loumany

Réda Loumany

Territory Managing Partner, PwC au Maroc